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Does God Always Do Right

                             Does God Always Do Right

Yes, God always does right justice. At times, we feel that God is not doing justice to us. But we forget that what we will do, we will get to roam in this world. When we do deeds, then we do not think of the result. Then we go on doing the work without thinking and then when we have to suffer its consequences. So we feel that God is not doing justice to us.

But this never happens. Never does evil with anyone, if our actions are bad then the result will be bad and if our actions are good then the result will be good. Everything is based on our actions.

I try to explain to you through a small story.

One day a Mahatma went on an excursion with his disciple. Guruji did not like to talk much here and there, speaking less and doing his deeds peacefully, the Guru was dear to him. But the disciple was very agile, he always used to think about things here and there, he used to enjoy a lot in others. As he was walking through the pond, he saw that a fishman was laying a trap in the river.

The disciple stood up watching all this and started teaching Dhiwar ‘Ahimsa Paramodharma’. But where was Dhivar supposed to understand, he first tried to defer and when the matter grew very much, a quarrel started between the disciple and Dhivar. Seeing this quarrel, Guruji who had moved ahead of them, returned and asked the disciple to go with him and took the disciple.

Guruji told his disciple - "Son, the work of sages like us is just to explain, but God has not sent us to the earth to punish us!"

The disciple asked- "Maharaj! Nobody knows about many punishments and the kings of our state do not punish many. So who will punish him after all? "

Responding to the disciple's mind, Guruji said- "Son! You can be sure that a supernatural power that punishes it is present in this world, which is accessible everywhere… The sight of God is everywhere and they reach everywhere. So now you go, it would be wrong to get into this quarrel, so stay away from this quarrel. "

The disciple was satisfied to listen to Guruji and went with him.

Two years after this, one day both Guruji and the disciple passed through the same pond, the disciple had now forgotten the fishy event of two years ago. Near the same pond, he saw that an injured snake was suffering and thousands of ants were eating it. The disciple saw this scene and could not keep up with it, his heart melted with mercy. He was about to go to save the snake from the ants, that Guruji grabbed his hand and refused to let him go - "Son! Let it bear the fruits of its deeds. If you save it now, then this poor person will have to suffer this sorrow again in the second birth because the fruits of karma must be suffered.

The disciple asked Guruji- "Guru, what is the deed he has done that is trapped in this predicament?"

Guru Maharaja said- "This is the fishman whom you were teaching last year not to kill fish at this place and he was being incendiary to fight with you." It is the fish that are eating ants that scatter them. "

On hearing this, the disciple said with great surprise - Guruji, this is a very strange justice. "

Guruji said- "Son! All the scenes of heaven and hell are present in this world, every moment you can see samples of justice of God. Whether your actions are auspicious or inauspicious, you have to bear the consequences. That is why God is teaching in the Veda, saying, "Always remember your deed, keep thinking what you have done, because it is true that you will have to suffer it." Every moment of life is precious, so don't let it go in vain with bad karma. Always increase good deeds in your account, because the result of your good deeds will be very pleasurable, the reverse is equally true, the fruits of your bad deeds will also suffer in a bad way one day. Therefore pay attention to deeds because that God always does justice. "

The disciple said- "Gurudev, then if someone is in a predicament, then he should not help him by assuming his karma?"

Guruji said- "Must do, must do." Here I stopped you because I knew what karma he was suffering. Also, I had to show you a sample of God's justice. But if I did not know all this, it would have been my sin not to help him, so then I must have helped him as well. "

The disciple had clearly understood Guruji's point.

Friends! Whether we believe it or not, it is 100 percent true that God always does right justice. And their justice is directly related to our own actions. If we have done very good deeds in our life or are doing good deeds, then God will judge us accordingly. We have got this life so that we can do some such things, seeing that even in the eyes of God, love will spill over to us !!!

That is why we always have to do good deeds so that we will have to suffer the consequences as well. So let's start doing good deeds from today, not for others but for ourselves. Because that God has to judge it with us. Therefore, we should never doubt the justice of God. Look at your deeds.

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