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Does God Give Us What is Good For Us

 Does God Give Us What is Good For Us

Yes it is absolutely right, whatever God gives, he gives only for our good. Sometimes we work very hard, we do it day and night. But what we are working for. We do not get that thing, so we get frustrated and start thinking that God did not do this good to us. But God knows what we need when. That's why we should never be disappointed, and should increase our hard work.

Many times it comes in our mind, that God has given me everything, but why we have lacked one thing, we start saying bad things to God about this. And don't think that God has given us so much. Thank him for that but no, but we don't even think about our selfishness. And just keep repeating his own words.

We should always keep this in mind. Do you know why God is not giving us this thing now? There must be some reason or the other. Do you know that God wants to give us a better thing than this, so we should have some patience and keep working hard. The day God will feel that this person is now worthy of this thing. He himself will give, we will not even need to ask.

We should always remember one thing, if God knows how to give to us, then he also knows what we need. For this we do not need to remind him again and again. just have to be patient

I'll tell you through a little story

Once there was an announcement from heaven that * God is coming to sow apples. All the people got ready for the offerings of God and stood in line.

A little girl was very curious because she was going to see God for the first time.

Along with a big and beautiful apple, she was delighted with the vision of the Lord.

Finally the wait is over. When his number came in a very long queue, * God gave him a big and red apple.*

But as soon as she grabbed the apple and came out of the line, her apple fell in the mud leaving her hand. The girl got sad.

Now he has to line up again. The second line was longer than the first. But there was no other way.

Everyone was honestly taking their turn carrying apples.

Finally, the girl again got in line and started waiting for her turn.

After half the queue got the apples * the apples started running out *. Now the girl is very sad.

He thought that by the time his turn came, all the apples would be gone. But she did not know that God's stores are never empty.

By the time it was his turn, more new apples had arrived.

God is inner. He came to know about the girl's mind. This time he gave an apple to the girl and said that * last time the apple was rotten from one side *.

 Wasn't right for you, that's why I got it thrown in your hands. On the other hand, put you in a long queue because the new apples were still on the trees. There was still time for his arrival. So you had to wait longer.

*This apple is more red, beautiful and suitable for you.*

Hearing the words of God, the girl was satisfied.

Similarly, if there is a delay in any of your work, then accept it as the will of God. Just as we try to give the best to our children.*

Similarly, God will also give to his children what will be best for them. sincerely wait your turn

Why is there a complaint with "God"? God has taken the responsibility of filling the stomach..not of filling the boxes...*

* How is the heart going, this doctor will tell, but what is going on in the heart, you have to see it yourself.

In this difficult time, be patient, with honesty and kindness, help the needy by becoming God, God will take care of you too.

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