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Should We Believe In God

 Should We Believe In God

Yes, we should have full faith in God because God helps everyone. He does not discriminate against anyone because we are all his children and no father ever discriminates against his children and does not allow any harm to come upon him. Similarly, that God also helps us in every situation.

We should always have faith in that God because the more we believe. There will be so much happiness in us. Let me tell you through a small story. A person who had complete faith in God.

A man got newly married and he was coming back with his wife! On the way, both of them were crossing a big lake by boat, when suddenly a fierce storm came! The man was brave but the woman was very scared because the situation was absolutely bad! The boat was very small and the storm was really fierce and both could sink at any time! But the man was sitting quietly, still and calm as if nothing was going to happen! The woman was trembling with fear and

She said "Aren't you afraid" This may be the last moment of our life, it does not seem that we will ever reach the other shore! Now only a miracle can save us otherwise our death is certain! Aren't you scared at all? Are you a mad wagal or a stonewaller? The man laughed a lot and suddenly he took out the sword from the sheath. The woman became more worried what was he doing? Then he brought that sharp sword to the woman's neck, so close that there was very little gap between her neck and the sword as the sword was almost touching her neck. He said to his wife "Are you scared? "? The wife laughed a lot and said "when the sword is in your hand then what should I fear"? I know you love me so much!

He put the sword back in the sheath and said "That's my answer". I know that God loves me very much and this storm is in his hands!

So whatever happens will be good! If we are saved then it is good and if we do not survive then it is good, because everything is in the hands of that Supreme God and he can never do anything wrong, whatever he will do, he will do it for our good.

Always have faith! The person should always be on that Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul.

Have faith that can change our whole life.

Many times if we see in our life, there are some situations from which we feel that we will never be able to get out of it, but we get out of it very easily, who is helping us at that time, that God. we have to keep faith in that god

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