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What Is The Harm in Doing Evil To Someone

 What Is The Harm in Doing Evil To Someone

There is a lot of harm by doing evil to someone, we should never do evil to anyone because we have to suffer the consequences again. It is said that the person who does evil. He never gets an apology. He definitely gets his punishment, he gets it in any case. When we do evil to someone, we fall from our own eyes.

When we do evil to someone, it means that we consider the other person better than us. Therefore, by doing evil to him, try to bring him down in the eyes of others. In this we are hiding our own weakness. That's why try never to do evil to anyone in life.

I'll tell you through a little story

Once upon a time, a king decided that he would feed kheer to 100 blind people every day. One day the snake put its mouth in the milk containing kheer and poisoned the milk and after consuming the poisonous kheer, 100 blind people out of 100 died. The king was very upset that I would take the sin of killing 100 men. The king left his kingdom in trouble and went to the forests to do devotion, so that this sin could be forgiven. On the way came a village. The king asked the people sitting in the chaupal whether there is any devotional family in this village so that the night can be spent in his house. The people sitting in the chaupal told that there are two sisters and brothers living in this village who do a lot of bandagi. The king stayed the night at their house. When the king woke up in the morning, the girl was sitting on the simran. Earlier it was the routine of the girl that she used to get up from the simran before the day ended and prepare breakfast. But that day the girl sat on Simran for a long time. When the girl got up from Simran, her brother said that sister, you are so late, you have come to your home. She has to go away after having breakfast. You should have got up early from Simran. So the girl replied that brother, such a matter was complicated above. Dharmaraja had to take a decision on a complicated situation and I had stopped to hear that decision, so I sat on Simran for a long time. Then his brother asked what was the matter. So the girl told that the king of such a kingdom used to feed kheer to blind people.

But 100 blind people died by pouring venom in snake's milk.

Now Dharamraj does not understand whether the king should be blamed for the death of blind people, the snakes or the cooks who leave the milk naked.

The king was listening too. The king became interested to hear the matter related to him and asked the girl what was the decision then? So the girl told that no decision had been taken yet. So the king asked can I stay at your house for one more night?

Both the sisters and brothers happily said yes to him. The king stayed for the next day, but the people sitting in the chaupal kept talking all day that the person who had come to our village yesterday for a night's stay and was asking for a house with some devotion. The drama of his devotion has come to the fore. After spending the night, he did not go because seeing the young girl, that person's intention was wrong, so he would definitely stay in the house of that beautiful and young girl.

Throughout the day, the king was being condemned in the Chaupal.

 The next morning the girl again sat on the simran and got up from the simran according to the routine time. So the king asked - daughter who felt the sin of killing blind people?

So the girl told that that sin was taken away by the people sitting in our chaupal who were condemning the king.

According to Sant Mat, if we do evil to someone, then the burden of his bad deeds comes in our account.

We do not know beforehand that we are buried under the burden of so many karmas and we carry the burden on our heads.

And while doing evil, we do not think that the more burden we have, the more it will be difficult for us to carry it. At that time we feel very good. But when we have to suffer, we feel very bad.

Therefore, whenever we do evil in the future, think that we will also have to suffer the consequences.

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